Anton Wintergerst

My work over the past 10 years has incorporated a broad spectrum of new media technology. During this time I've been involved with a variety of roles from design to development. I've obtained a great amout of experience in digital marketing and communication. My body of work includes several high profile clients such as the City of Melbourne, APT, Villawood, AFL, Grollo Group and the Australian Grand Prix. Accompanying this are countless niche projects with discrete applications that are equally as far reaching.

Since the rise of accessible technology my motivation has been to humanise technology. Too often technology disconnects people from the real world with distractions of unhealthy solitude. I believe that technology can and should be a powerful connector. Challenges of accessibility, simplicity and relevancy are quickly subsiding. As a result digital technology is fast becoming the most influential tool of communication, entertainment and social change. There is an opportunity and responsibility now to create healthy applications of the technology in our hands and foster human connection and positive cultural change.

I've proven my ability to get the job done through determination and by applying a unique balance of skills. My enthusiasm has become a part of my working philosophy. As a result I'm ethically bound to projects whether they are high profile projects from established brands or from people just begining to form a idea. Perhaps this approach of equity is part of a greater appreciation that at the heart of any business is a collection of people and relationships.

As I continue in my career I'm drawn toward a desire to share the knowledge and experience I have obtained over the years. After meditating on this I found a calling to get involved in education. This influence could be part of my DNA as both my mother and grand mother had been teachers. Not being one to idle in indecision, I set course toward a future in education and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching & Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University.